Fire Blanket Testing

Fire Blanket Testing

A fire blanket is a safety device, usually made available along with other fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, which can be used to help extinguishing accidental fires. They operate on the principle that smothering a fire starves it oxygen, and is commonly used to put out chip-pan fires, as well as bodily fires.

The service of fire blanket testing offered by Adelaide test and tagging can ensure that this vital fire protection gear is functioning properly.

We at Adelaide test and tagging are aware of how pivotal fire blankets can be in putting out workplace fires. We offer fire blanket testing services  for all kinds of fire safety tools to ensure that they do not malfunction when required.

We have a competent team of technicians that perform all of the necessary fire blanket tests to ensure that there is no fault in them. The tests we perform are as per the guidelines set by the Australian workplace safety standards.

Fire Equip Testing