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Adelaide test and Tagging is an electrical and fire safety testing and tagging company with professional, fully qualified technicians and customer satisfaction being our top focus & we are the Test and Tag Adelaide experts, Offering test and tagging equipment in Australia. Call our team of experts and know more about test and tag cost for Equipments.

Electrical Test and Tag Equipment

We believe that safety is paramount within any industry, and endeavour to assist you in ensuring your employees are safe at work. We strive to achieve this through continuous improvement and establishing exceptional customer relationships. We provides a personalised and accountable approach by offering a combined Electrical and Fire Safety Compliance service backed with secure electronic record & data management systems.

Adelaide Test and Tagging specializes in assisting businesses to comply with health and safety quotient in Adelaide. Our electrical tag and test services are compatible with top-notch standards and pertain to all protocols of electrical testing of an Australian government.


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Adelaide Test and Tagging offer many testing services including Appliance Test and Tagging as well as Fire Equipment Testing.

Fire Equipment Testing

Fire Equipment Testing

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Electrical Test & Tag

Electrical Test and Tagging For a safe workplace environment for both staff and customers,...(Read More)

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Our Test and Tagging Process

We have a simple 3 step process that will ensure your test and tagging will go off without a hitch!

Test and Tag Cost for Equipment

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When you first get in contact with us, we will provide you with a detailed 'test and tag quote', an 'example of our reporting' & a 'client order form'. We will discuss any special requirements you may have. Once your happy to go ahead with your test and tagging, simply send us back your client order form & we input your details into our system. We will then contact you to arrange a time / date that is suitable for your test and tagging.

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When our Technician arrives at your business, we will meet with you & discuss your testing. Our Technicians will complete all testing inline with AS/NSZ3760:2010 ensuring their reporting includes the item tested, whether it passed or failed and it's location. Once all test and tagging is completed, they will advise you of any failed items. All our technicians have police checks, white cards & have all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to work safely at any site.

Adelaide Test and Tagging Reporting & Documentation Process
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Once your test and tagging is completed, our office staff will finalise your 'Test and Tag Reporting', 'Certificate of Compliance' & your 'Invoice'. They will also enter you business into our scheduling software, so we can notify you next time your testing is due. We will also keep your reporting & documents on file for no less than 7 years, just in case you ever lose you copy's.


In order to be sure that all your appliances are functioning in a proper manner and pose no harm to the lives of the people near it, it is extremely necessary to get them tested and tagged between every 3 months to every 5 years depending on the appliance_enviroment its in.

Test and Tag is the term that is given to the procedure of inspecting the safety of all kinds of portable electrical appliances. The main reason for getting the testing and tagging done is to make sure that the safety of the people who are regularly working in the workplace and coming in contact with such appliance. In addition to that, it even helps in keeping the risk factor of an electrical hazard at the minimum level.

As Test and Tag is a term which is given to the complete procedure of checking the overall safety of portable electrical appliances. The primary importance behind getting testing and tagging done is to provide proper safety to the people working in the area which comes in direct contact with the appliance. In addition to this, testing and tagging equipment help in effectively minimizing the risk of an electrical hazard.

Since there are so many test and tag service providers, choosing the best one with the most professional experience helps to get the test and tag equipment done in an effective and efficient manner lowering the risk of any kind of mistake which can turn out to be hazardous.