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Fire Equipment Testing

Fire Equipment Testing

Fire Equipment Testing

Fire safety equipment must be tested and maintained in accordance with AS1851:2012 - Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment. Fire Safety equipment is generally used as a first attack measure, to ensure the fire does not spread in the early stages and cause significant damage. It is extremely important your equipment is serviced. It’s important that fire systems are maintained to ensure reliability, functionality and performance. Don’t wait for an emergency to determine whether your fire equipment and systems are functioning correctly, and are compliant with the relevant Australian standards.

The General Fire Regulations 2010 require that ALL fire equipment is tested regularly in accordance with AS1851:2012 - Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment.

Recommended Frequency for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance?

AS1851:2012 - Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment states fire extinguishers should be checked regularly:

  • Every 6 months: test all portable and wheeled extinguishers.
  • Every 5 years: do pressure tests and refills.

Keep track of tests on the metal tag attached to each extinguisher. Only let trained people give out the extinguisher tags.

We conduct thorough fire extinguisher inspections, adhering to Australian standards. Our technicians assess cylinders for cracks, corrosion, and imperfections. Following a stringent checklist, we inspect accessibility, anti-tamper devices, exterior condition, pressure indicators, and more. We provide service tags after confirming each item’s functionality. Ensuring compliance, we assist businesses nationwide in meeting legal obligations for workplace safety.

What Does Fire Extinguisher Test Cover?

During the fire extinguisher test, a safety expert conducts a thorough examination, visually inspecting the extinguisher for physical condition and integrity. All findings are documented in a detailed report for record-keeping.

  1. Examination of the fire extinguisher and its surroundings
  2. Integrity assessment
  3. Comprehensive report detailing the service performed, test date, results, and any recommendations
  4. Certificate of compliance indicating the service completion date and next due date
  5. Reminder notifications for future testing, managed through our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Additionally, if any essential signage or safety ties are missing from your fire extinguishers, our technician will replace them to ensure workplace compliance with Australian Standards.

Detailed Reporting

Our team of trained technicians at Adelaide Test and Tagging conducts thorough and meticulous fire extinguisher testing to ensure that each unit is in optimal working condition. We follow strict guidelines set by the Australian standards to guarantee the effectiveness and reliability of the extinguishers. Our detailed testing records and reports include information such as the date of testing, results of inspections, any maintenance or repairs carried out, and recommendations for future servicing. By keeping precise documentation, we help our customers stay compliant with regulations and maintain a high level of safety in their premises.

When it comes to Fire safety equipment, Adelaide test and tagging has you covered. Keep your home and workplace safe, call Adelaide test and tagging today.