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Electrical Test and Tagging

For a safe workplace environment for both staff and customers, Adelaide test and tagging specialises in electrical safety services across Australia, with a focus on ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards. With experienced technicians available, we offer a wide range of services beyond testing and tagging, including maintenance testing, visual inspections, and safety compliance reporting. Our friendly team ensures peace of mind knowing that your electrical equipment meets legal requirements and industry standards. From office equipment to construction sites, we cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, providing comprehensive reports and a reminder service for regular inspections. With competitive pricing and a commitment to professionalism, Adelaide Test and Tagging is your trusted partner for electrical safety and electrical testing in any environment.

Our commitment to occupational health and safety extends beyond routine inspections. Our technicians are trained to handle electrical hazards, electrical devices, potential fire hazards and more further enhancing workplace safety protocols.

What is Test & Tag?

Electrical safety testing, commonly known as Test & Tag, is an important process for ensuring the safety of electrical appliances in various environments. Qualified technicians conduct regular testing on items like portable appliances and cords to meet legislative requirements and Australian standards. This proactive approach aims to prevent electric shocks and other potential hazards, providing a safe working environment for all. Through comprehensive reporting and professional service, businesses benefit from the expertise of our expert team, who identify and address faulty equipment on a regular basis. Our friendly and competent technicians undergo extensive training and possess industry experience to conduct thorough service safety inspections. We prioritise the installation of safety switches, including portable safety switches, to enhance overall workplace safety. With our dedication to quality and adherence to standards, business owners can trust us to mitigate potential risks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Office Hours

Adelaide Test and Tagging Office

Our office is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Saturdays by appointment. If you require your test and tagging to be done outside of normal business hours, just let us know & we are happy to assist, with your test and tag needs.